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Still playing Rocksmith 2014

I am still into playing Rocksmith 2014. This maybe the perfect game for me. I always enjoyed music but it was just one of those things I stopped spending money on. Now that I purchased a stratocaster and Rocksmith 2014 I have really been into music in general. I won a Mustang IV amp, an acoustic guitar at an auction. I set out repairing the acoustic and it’s looking good now. I should be able to start playing it soon.

I did pick up a few games at the steam sale. Dragons Dogma, Thea the Awakening, Endless Legend with all expansions. I also picked up the Tuesday’s Gone, Modern Day Cowboy, Little Wing, Foo Fighters II, and The Libertarians song packs for Rocksmith 2014.

I have come a long way playing guitar. I know chords, can bar chords, and I can even pick to an extent. I never thought I would be able to do any of it. Anyway much love and keep on rocking!