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Fallout 4 targeted to be an Xbox One Exclusive?

Fallout 4 has been a pending nuclear weapon waiting to detonate following the groundbreaking prequel which interjected players into a baron wasteland that richly provided hours of entertainment. It became little surprise that the third instalment (a multiplatform release) earned a “megaton” in praise and recognised as “Game of the Year”. Bethesda has built a solid reputation with RPG fans and has continued to maintain the strong bond.

The upcoming consoles to be thrown into the market this fall are beginning a struggle that has been emphasised recently based on Fallout 4s promise. Microsoft has attempted to strike a deal to turn this title into an Xbox One exclusive, a move that would deal a pretty significant blow to the Playstation 4 especially under the current climate as many people watch on to see the slightest of details to see where their interest gets swerved.

Fortunately for Playstation 4 enthusiasts; Fallout 4 will not be an Xbox One exclusive game despite Microsoft’s intention to monopolise it. The main reason has been described to prevent financial suicide on Bethesda’s part, an action that a lump sum from Microsoft wouldn’t realistically be able to subsidise or justify it as a smart investment taking into account every other potential opportunity to gain a foothold.

Bethesda in this critics opinion has made a wise decision, limiting their market isn’t the best way forward when you consider the future is really up in the air when it boils down to the impact that the next generation systems are going to make. This draws out the question of what other upcoming games are going to be targeted as exclusives and how intense this monopolisation is going to get.

Venturing back into a post apocalyptic wasteland will beckon Xbox & Playstation gamers yet again. Grab your stimpaks & your BB gun, soon we’ll be testing our morale brink in a whole new chaotic adventure.




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