FINAL FANTASY IV The complete Collection PSP

Square is releasing Final Fantasy IV The complete Collection on PSP. Perfect for driving across any country, well as long as your not doing the driving. I played FF IV on the PC long ago and yes I didn’t finish it, if you must know.

Check out these screens


You can check out the official website it’s set for a April 19, 2011 release date.

Crysis 2 Be Fast Video

Just in from EA is the new Crysis 2 Be Fast Video Showing off the Nanosuit gameplay. Who doesn’t want a nanosuit?

I expect multiplayer is going to be interesting with everyone running around in one of these suits. Cry engine 3 is looking good. Check out the official website here


The Secret World new Trailer

Here is the new trailer for The Secret World MMO. This game is looking pretty good for an MMO. There is also a new website for The Secret World full of information.


The Old Republic – Bounty Hunter Class

I am so looking forward to The Old Republic Online. I played a lot of Star Wars Online (it was my first MMO). And who didn’t play Knights of The Old Republic start to finish glued to the xbox?

Here is the trailer for the Bounty Hunter Class. Check out the official website