The Climb announced for Oculus VR

The exclusive titles are starting to come in for Oculus VR. The Climb has been announced by Crytek and will use the cry engine. More information can be found on the The Climb website.

Computer Dungeons & Dragons is crap

I have played a lot of computer D&D over the years. I have to tell you I can’t stomach much of the new offerings. They basically take everything that is good in D&D and chuck it out the window. First off Dungeons & Dragons is a Turn Based Game! Real time even with a pause is still rubbish. Dungeons & Dragons is a multiplayer game! Well some get this right but they all miss my next point. Dungeons and Dragons is about rolling dice! Yes dice! The game isn’t the same without the chance to fail, I mean fail in the worst possible way. It makes winning much sweeter. So here is what I want to see in a dungeons & dragons game. A turned based, dice based, multiplayer AD&D title! I want a long single player game with an entire party under my control. I also want to be able to pick up a party with a single character and play a random dungeon with a multiplayer party. I would be into an MMO with a single character as long as it’s still a turned based, dice based,  and an AD&D title. I would make it 3D isometric with fog of war. It would be epic!

If no game company steps up to the plate soon. I will embark on a quest to get this done without them. Be ye warned!


Elite Dangerous Horizons


Planetary landing expansion has been announced today for Elite Dangerous. Check out the extra details on the official website.

Trove Official Launch


Trove Official launch trailer. Players have created over 160 dungeons, 2000 equipment styles, and 78,364 unique club worlds. You can get the game Free on Steam!

Trove official website

Hitman E3 2015


I have to say there is no way on earth this game can live up to this trailer. This trailer makes me want to preorder this game! I don’t even like Hitman games that much.