Epic Progress in Rocksmith 2014

I have many new games and old alike. Recently I have only been playing with Rocksmith 2014. It’s one of those games you get and put down after a while and forget about. I can’t tell you how it’s change my life. After my daughter moved out I didn’t hear anymore piano. I missed that about her. Anyway in order to hear music I decided I needed to learn to play. I got my Mexican Fender Stratocaster back from my son. Plugged it in and fired up Rocksmith 2014.  That was precisely thirty seven hours ago thanks to steams game tracking. I have made so much progress in that thirty seven hours. I will be playing guitar for the rest of my life. I just unlocked the achievement “I know chords” which prompted me to write this update. If you told me thirty seven hours from now you will know thirty different guitar chords I would have told you your crazy. But that is exactly what happened! At this point I can safely say if you want to learn guitar you should get Rocksmith 2014. It may not teach you everything you need to know but what it does it does well. I can say it was worth every penny I spent on it and then some. I expect i will be playing it for a long time to come.



Mexcian Fender Stratocaster : Two pickups and two humbucker pickups (paid $300 on ebay. Same guitar retails for $600 new)

Rocksmith 2014: $60.00

Guitar Strap $12.00

Guitar Stand $30.00 made a mistake here make sure you get the Hercules Stand. I am going to have to sell this one and buy the correct one soon. It will set you back $50.00

Guitar pick: not something people think about. I have a Grain .60 and I like the texture of the pick. It stays between my fingers and doesn’t move. $1.00

Total investment: Around 400 bucks.

The Mexican Stratocaster is good quality. My son just replaced mine, when I took it back, using craigslist for $225.00 so he got a better deal than me which I thought would be impossible. It’s basically identical to mine. His is red and mine is sunburst. He also got a floating bridge. Apparently he can whammy bar forwards and backwards and I can only whammy forward. His takes some tricks to tune.

I didn’t mention the fun factor of playing a guitar. It’s one of the most fun things I have ever done. I can’t wait to play in front of an audience. It may be another 100 hours before I am ready for that but I will get there someday.