Thor— Dark World 2013

Thor--- Dark World 2013

A friend of mine spoke to me on the phone and he said, “This one is better than the first film”. After a two hour journey to Asgard and back I must agree. It is as if The first movie creates a nice introduction to the showdown you see in this one. The rest of the review will detail the story with spoilers ( Should it not be assumed that every review contains spoilers by definition ? My editor always warns the public when I write a review. ) The powerful and majestic Dark Elves are the threat.They went to war in pre historic times and were defeated by the armies of Asgard. The clockwork of the nine worlds has a rare alighnment and this has brought them from a sleep that has lasted since thier defeat at the dawn of time. Now with ancient technology and magic they plan to unmake the stars into a universe of darkness. In the opening scenes Jane foster is touched by something in an empty structure. Is this essence self aware? Is it finding a host to help Malekith and his army? The action builds with an assault on Asgard that for me was the greatest moment in the movie. Loki teams up with Thor with a plan of his own brewing in his evil mind. The fight for the safety of the nine worlds ends at a london university.My only problem with the earth shaking blockbuster is Erik Selvigs dimensional battle poles. Ok I know this is a comedy relief like being delusional and running around in your underwear. Overall it was a great time and a great set up for a sequel. Loki sitting on the throne as he had always hoped and a possible engineering of the cold ending of all things… Ragnarok. The teaser at the end could mean the epic story of the Infinity Gauntlet. The second teaser at the very end tells us that Jane and Thor are getting closer (cosmic baby?) and a giant beast ( the size of a bus) is running amok unchecked in london chasing birds. Be aware of the Agents of Shield crossover episode “the Well” which opens at the university where the final battle went down.—- —- The official site

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