SEGA set to rise again?!

Sega once upon a time reined over the video game industry with its main success in the Genesis (aka the Megadrive), a system that beat Nintendo in a tough battle and only by a small margin. During the early 90’s Sega suffered a bitter disappointment as they lost that momentum with the Saturn, this change in the landscape paved the way for Sony’s Playstation to take the lead. When all seemed lost Sega finally launched another console that looked to the company’s salvation.

Mijn eigen Sega DreamCast.

Mijn eigen Sega DreamCast. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Sega Dreamcast captivated audiences with its use of innovation that simply bled future potential. Gamers were treated to a whole new experience that featured a number of immense titles that even made gaming history such as the Shenmue series. To this day the Dreamcast is regarded by some as the greatest console ever released. Ever!

Everything seemed perfect until the Dreamcast suffered a severe blow when the Playstation 2 launched along with the DVD format, this too many players dismay spelt the end of Sega as a hardware developer. When the Dreamcast died, so did a lot of magic in video games.

Since the Dreamcasts demise people have circulated plenty rumours surrounding Sega decided to rejoin the console race. It is a fact that Sega continue to develop hardware but those machines so far have been exclusively for arcade use.

In 2013 another huge change in the video game industry is about too take place with the Wii U already released and the new PS4 & Xbox 720 waiting to emerge out of the shadows. Three next generation consoles are about to wage war with the consumer money being split three ways; can any party truly gain a foothold?

The problem with Nintendo is that the Wii-U was released to early and without the essential follow up to distract players the best they can away from the competition.

The problem with Microsoft & Sony is that their current generation machines remain highly relevant and boast realistic graphics already; it will be difficult to convince people to cough up a lot of cash away for initially small improvements. I believe all or most launched titles are going too made available to the Xbox 360 & PS3 anyway, so why spend hundreds straight away to play them?

The current game industry is lost with impulsive decision making that can set the stage to have Sega rejoin the race.. With all the current rumours floating around I do put faith that there is something definitely in the works. In my opinion a former console giant would be foolish to miss arguably the biggest opportunity to powerfully impact the industry.

When the next generation sales war is in full swing all parties are destined to suffer backlash, it’s inevitable. Nintendo is anticipated to be hit the hardest yet I wouldn’t count them out the equation. I see Microsoft & Sony projects being supported mainly by profits through the 360 & PS3, rather than from the get go.

The next Xbox & Playstation I predict will stumble, I look forward to seeing them in action but financially consumers have their hands tied. A logical thinking person will not take indulgence over practicality. As for the Wii U; Nintendo have already fallen short of expected sales. Customers already own competent that have years many years potential still ahead. Keeping up with the fashion trend isn’t practical and purchasing it to be one step in front technology wise will not carry the next gen hardware to a long lasting height.

Sega owns the high ground with enough experience to take advantage; they can witness the competitor’s battle for control while displaying each others weak points. All Sega needs to do is sit back, learn and design a next gen console of it’s own that answers for all their mistakes. I’d personally wait between 18-24 months into the next gen race to introduce it publicly.

Let’s consider the exclusive franchises that would accompany the next Sega home console, in their repertoire there are many stand out titles. With the right marketing there could easily be a buzz generated from a new Sega Rally, Yakuza & a possible Shenmue 3 to really stir up some attention.

The biggest enemy Sega would need to deal with is actually themselves. Competition is one thing and inconsistency with quality is another. In one respect Sega can deliver an amazing product such as the Yakuza series, on the other hand they release the unsubstantial garbage such as Aliens Colonial Marines.

With the Sega Dreamcast the consumer trust was elevated to almost holy ground, the execution has caused an impression that’s preserved the fans enthusiasm throughout more than a decade! If Sega allows the big three to collide and release their own product at the right moment; we may once again see a major shift in the video game landscape.

Three next generation systems is a crowd, four would make things just plain interesting!


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