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Company of Heroes 2 observer mode patch


Company of Heroes 2 is getting it’s announced observer mode today at 2PST. It will allow thousands of people to watch e-sports events and up to 500 people to watch live matches. You have the option to set your game to live when setting up the game. You can also set a time delay but I am not sure why. Live mode will also give observers stats and information about the game.

Company of Heroes

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Elite Dangerous Beta 3

Elite Dangerous has reached Beta 3. I keep posting about this game because i really liked the past games. Mining was added and gathering fuel by skimming gas giants. There is also  a really long list of fixes and changes.

Frontier Developments

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Heroes and Generals FTP

I found Heroes & Generals on Steam and decided I would try it out. It looked like a FPS of Company of Heroes. I have to say it’s fun to play! I love leveling up with experience. You can upgrade you basic weapons with a bunch of different options as they unlock. In game money can buy upgrades but be very careful how you spend it. You can’t just buy everything as it takes time to earn more. You would be better served to save up for the specialization you want. Be it a motorcycle, tank, aircraft, or in my case a sniper rifle. Nice design and good game play make it a must download if you like WWII games. Yes you can spend real money to get a bunch of stuff like a tank. Go ahead and spend real money I will still take you down.

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Space Hulk Ascension Developer Diary

Space Hulk Ascension is going to be a reworking of the board game into a new PC game. It will still be turned based but will have more RPG elements. It will have 10 times the content of the original game and should take 50-100 hours to finish.

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Kingdom Rush 2014 Teaser Trailer

A new kingdom rush is planned for 2014! I can’t wait. I finished the first two while my kids laughed at me. Your still playing that game?!

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Alien: Isolation and Season pass available now

Sega has released Alien: Isolation and it’s corresponding season pass. Check out this video and the official website.

Alien Isolation Website

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Elite Dangerous Beta 2 is out

Hey Guys/Gals I am back from my work/vacation. Elite Dangerous Beta 2 is out at the same time. Lucky me. Here is a fan video uploaded by Scott Manley. I also notice the bulletin board is now working in stations and quite profitable. I also was impressed by the solar flares on the stars now.

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Secrets of Days of Future Past


(Spoiler Alert) It has been decades since Ive read even part of the sentinel saga. The story arc was picked up for several characters in a number of comics. ( ) A detailed breakdown of this project and the future sequel can be found at this link.( ) This review is for those that have seen the film and want to go deeper . Wolverine is a doubting Thomas but the layers and textures of the past build around him like an ocean filling a cavernous void of doubt. I like the time loop start and endpoint using the same song by Roberta Flack… First time ever I saw your Face. Loving the dead serious aspect of this movie I thought I might explore what you may not know instead of reviewing what you do know. Thanks to Screen Rant we have a break down of why the rogue scene was cut from the film and little of what the author felt about why it had to be done. Here is the captain of the ship as it should be …. not a group (like Godzilla 2014). Once again staring down the loaded weapon to troll the train wreck of inconsistencies in the films I must first praise the attempt and the awe of the super hero on the big screen. Keep the faith true believer and look at the original story as well as the cross overs in the late eighties. There was a time when even the voice of a child could stop the printing press to review the story before it hit the stands breaking the web of the interactive universe.. Once again Screen Rant gets the award for showing the cracks in the new illusion. Having read this noticed nothing about Kitty Pride not aging. Final post credit scene explained by writer— credit IGN —- ( ) At the risk of beating a dead horse look for Chris Claremont ( ) as one of the senators near the end. There you go… less of a review and more of a gem hunt into the rare bits and pieces..      Official Site One last bit that will throw you down the rabbit hole but you will love every minute of it.  A site built to impress with eye candy and story arcs from the comics.

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The Latest Street Fighter Adaptations

As we hope for a next-gen console game, here’s a look at some of the latest from Capcom’s iconic fighting franchise.

Among long-lasting gaming franchises, the classic Street Fighter series from Capcom has been one of the most popular and enduring. It dates back to the late ’80s and has stretched across multiple versions and collaborative efforts, Street Fighter still captures the attention and adoration of gamers all over the world. That’s exactly why so many have been waiting for word on a new adaptation for the next-gen consoles.

As of yet, there is no concrete information regarding a new Street Fighter game for Xbox One and PS4. There are some conflicting reports regarding the potential adaptation of Ultra Street Fighter IV to the new consoles, and this would certainly be exciting for fans of the franchise. The release of Ultra Street Fighter IV has already generated a lot of attention because of the game’s inclusion of a new “edition select mode” that will allow gamers to choose not just which fighter to control, but which version of that fighter from previous Street Fighter games to use. In a sense, this should make the new game (set to be available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC) one of the most extensive and inclusive games in the franchise’s history.

However, for those looking for modern Street Fighter games to play in place of some older editions that are phasing out or becoming obsolete, there are actually plenty of options that are readily accessible. In particular, the mobile app market is worth exploring, as Capcom has actually released a number of fairly impressive Street Fighter games over the past few years.

Street Fighter X Tekken Gauntlet, last updated in late 2012, is the best option for those looking for free games. Also, it actually brings a pretty complete experience to mobile devices, though some will always lament the lack of a real gaming controller for combat games. But the very best app Street Fighter experience out there is the Street Fighter IV game updated just earlier this year. This title almost feels like a brand-new console game in the palm of your hand. It’s not free, but great arcade graphics, impressive controls for a touch game, and most of all the depth of the character and combat options make it a very legitimate addition to Capcom’s extensive franchise.

Meanwhile, for those who just want a bit of everyday connection to the iconic characters of Street Fighter, the casino gaming industry has gotten its hands on the franchise as well. There’s an immensely enjoyable Street Fighter II slot-based arcade game, for instance. It is available on several sites across the Internet, but Betfair’s Arcade site offers more casual players the opportunity to see how the game works through the demo video before throwing down actual cash. The game is essentially a play on an ordinary slot machine, but it is made enjoyable for Street Fighter fans by pitting you against M. Bison and allowing you to choose a character to represent you.

Finally, this spring brings the release of Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, a web/television series that will focus on Ryu and Ken as they delve into their own pasts. It’s not exactly a new game, but the series—developed by Joey Ansah and Christian Howard—could very well be one of the franchise’s most exciting developments in recent years.

For now, though, that’s about it. Hopefully, Ultra Street Fighter IV will make its way to the next-gen consoles to bring us the biggest and best Street Fighter gaming experience yet. But until that day comes, don’t worry because the franchise is alive and well, even with recent adaptations!

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Company of Heroes 2 The Western Front trailers

Two trailers for the Company of Heroes 2 The Western Front have been released. I hope to see you on the western front! I play a lot of COH2.

Company of Heroes 2 official website


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