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Umbra Kickstarter Launched

This project has grown on me now. I may even help fund it. Check out the youtube video and fund the kickstarter!

Kickstarter Link

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Steam rolls out paid modding sales and gets hammered

Steam tried to roll out a service that would allow mod writers to write mods for games and then charge for the mods on Steam. I hear Steam was going to be taking a big fee for the Mods for sale service. This back fired in a big way and I hear over one hundred thousand signatures were collect to stop the service.  I personally think the gaming community was a little short sighted on this. Mods would cost money and that would be a downside. At the same time there would be more mods made. I don’t know a single mod maker that wouldn’t like to get paid to work. Now before you start crying they cost money. What about developers? It wouldn’t take long for developers to realize there is a paid mod writers pool out in the open. Why not write games that could take advantage of this talent? This is already going on today but the mod writers don’t get paid to do it. Sure they take donations but that isn’t the same. Personally I like mods for my games. I don’t expect people to work for free. I say paid mods are OK as long as the developers are OK with it. I would also expect the fees to be small compared to a full game release.

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Sword Coast Legends First look multiplayer

Looks like a good attempt to get Multiplayer working in Dungeons and Dragons. I can’t wait to see what other features will be next. Check out the videos and the website.

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Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void closed beta

Blizzard is keeping me in the loop. I have the lowdown on the closed beta for Starcraft II Legacy of the Void. It will start March 31st. Check out the video and the official website also.

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Pixels Movie Trailer

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Seven Dragon Saga Kickstarter

Memory’s of days past have been rekindled in this kickstarter project. My friend Scott and I spend many days playing the Gold Box series of games. TSI made up of members of the former SSI are back with a kickstarter of “Seven Dragon Saga”

I have already backed this project. I would suggest you do also. You may have never play this type of game before. You will also be able to move the characters you make in Seven Dragons Saga to the next game in the series. This is often ignored in modern titles. It’s a necessary feature to get from a low level to an epic high level.

Turn based is also an often over looked design that is IMHO one of the best.

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Hearthstone Blackrock Mountian Announced

The next single player adventure for Hearthstone has been announced. I have two thousand gold saved up by playing Hearthstone daily quests so I am set for the release.

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Project Morpheus ships 2016

VR is coming of age as Project Morpheus has announced a release date of first quarter 2016. This is big news as there are only a few contenders for the VR space that are affordable. Playstation 4 may be the first to market with a finished product.

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Warhammer: End Times Vermintide Pre Alpha Trailer

Not sure what to make of a Pre alpha trailer as almost anything can change. If I had to critique this one I say it looks a little too easy to kill with a bow. I play a lot of Mount and Blade Warband. While it’s unfair to compare games I think it’s great when a guy has ten arrows sticking out of his shield and is still fighting. Different styles of gameplay make the gaming world go round.

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Wolfenstein the old Blood announced

I fondly remember playing Wolfenstein between computer jobs back in the day. The good old days. Wolfenstein is back so the new computer people can play between computer jobs.

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