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Azeroth Choppers

I am not to sure how the back story is going to work. World of Warcraft is getting Chopper mounts.

World of Warcraft Website

Azeroth Choppers

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

I am hooked on Kingdom Rush again this time its the Frontiers version. You have to like games that are fun.


Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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Jedi Cats

Without further ado here are the Jedi Cats


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Planets3 hits Kickstarter

This is a neat looking game that is fully multiplayer. It’s considered an RPG. I really like the building interface as well. Check out the video and head over to the kickstarter page.

Kickstarter page

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World of Speed Trailer

Here come the racing MMO’s! World of Speed trailer is out and it looks good. It will be Free to Play also. It’s hard to beat free right?

The beta is going to be this spring. Signup here


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Elite Dangerous enters Multiplayer Alpha

The return of Elite born on Kickstarter and funded by fans of the past Elite games has entered into it’s Multiplayer Alpha phase of development. Frontier Developments has also released a trailer of gameplay.

The alpha still has some development stages to go before the project will enter into Beta. Outfitting, Travel, and Trading. The planets will be procedurally generated in the game and expansions are planed for the future.

The official website

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Need for Speed the Movie

Here is the new video of Need for Speed the movie.

Need for Speed the Movie

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Kickstarter

I think some of the best games in the pipeline are headed to kickstarter. Kingdom Come Deliverance looks like a game I would like to play. It has some features you just can’t get anywhere else. Check out the kickstarter video and check out the link.

If you want to see this video Fullscreen you have to follow the link for some reason.

Here is a link to the kickstarter

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StarCraft II Patch 2.1

The new patch for Starcraft II 2.1 is out. Arcade is also open to all players. Check it out.

The Official Website


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I am a freak and I love Sim City 2014

city day Had a few train sets when I was a kid and I miss it so much. Now that gamersnews is a ghost ship I go back to what I love in the old days . It was a zen game that had an organic attack. It was not conflict!!!!???? The buildings came up by social growth and energy planning. Your challenge was to make a city in part of a grid . Love it !! Awesome !! If you lack simple patience you will hate this game. If a collective chain of village to metropolis structures floats your boat then buy this beast and watch her fly.

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