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Shadow of War: Definitive Edition

The Definitive Edition has all the DLC, updates, and improvements. I beat the first game Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor and it was really fun. I wager this is the version to get if your into Lord of Rings games.

Circle Empires Review There has not been a large supply of Real Time Strategy Games available in recent years so when I got the chance to play an indie RTS Circle empires I jumped on it. Circle Empires is a different kind of RTS in the sense you get a circle and have to defend them. You will also want to take all the circles on the map to win. The number of circles on the map set the size of the map. You build workers that collect resources mostly wood and food. You spend the resources to buy units and buildings. That is it, easy a pie. I would be easy but there are adversaries on the map and they put up a fight. The battles get pretty heated and you spread around fighting and defending. All in all I enjoy this style of game play even though it’s simple. I can spend more time in game than I expect I will. Maybe I will play CE for a few minutes. Forty Five minutes later I am still playing. There are a lot of different heroes to play with different abilities. I have not play many of them as it…