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Harold Launches

Harold has launched on steam. Harold is a side scrolling racing game where you control the track in order to gain an advantage over the other racers. Interesting concept and it’s fun to play.

Harold on Steam

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Grey Goo launches on Steam

There is a new RTS out called Grey Goo! I will have a review after I play it some more. Check out the launch trailer.

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Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer 2

Only watch this if you don’t want to be surprised when the movie comes out in theaters. I went to several movies over the years not knowing what to expect and was blown away. Alien, Indiana Jones, Evil dead 2,  and Die hard. All fantastic movies and I had no clue what they what was going to happen because I never watched a trailer.

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Alien: Isolation – Salvage Mode Trailer

The new Add-on pack for Alien Isolation. I have the game and season pass ready to go. However after watching videos on the internet I have decided to wait until I get an Oculus rift to play this game.

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Wings gameplay coming to Elite Dangerous

Example of gameplay that will be improved by Wings

Wings will be the newest free Elite Dangerous update and will include

  • enhanced matchmaking for wingmen
  • enhanced/clear feedback for who and where wingmen are
  • shared information within the wing
  • shared bounties and mission rewards
  • on-going mission support for wing gameplay

Obviously this means groups of player pirates, bounty hunters, miners, transports and mixes of each. I am not sure how a trade ship would work this out but it will be interesting to see if my trade vessel could hire some muscle when needed. Without the transfer of credits between players your limited to fighting on your own. However groups of players are still forming to run player pirates out of areas.

Elite Dangerous Website

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Warhammer 40,000 Turn Based

Warhammer collectors should know a computer version of warhammer has been released. Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon is out. Check out the trailer! I never had the time or money to buy the units, paint them and setup an entire play area. This title may be some fun.

Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon Website

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San Andreas Trailer

CA propriety prices are about to fall as the new trailer for San Andreas has hit the internet. I guess the movie going public loves a good disaster movie. I hope San Andreas is exaggerated in what will happen if the earthquake happens because this looks very bad. I am only twenty minutes to the San Andreas fault on foot.

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Mad Max Movie

Here we go with a 150 million dollar Mad Max movie. I am not sure it will be successful. However I am sure I will want to see it out of curiosity. I am also interested in the Mad Max video game for PS4.

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Space Hulk Ascension Review

Space Hulk Ascension

You may have played the Space Hulk Board game by Games Workshop. If you haven’t you should imagine a floating space ship the size of a city filled with aliens called genestealers. Space marines dressed in space suit armor that worship the emperor travel to these leviathan ships to destroy the genesteelers.

The game is played out in a turn based fashion. There are dice rolls in the background determining the outcome of the battles. In Space Hulk Ascension the focus of the game is computer role playing and character development. This being the case Space Hulk Ascension has no multiplayer at launch and may not get it later. If you want internet multiplayer by Space Hulk not Space Hulk Ascension. You can still play multiplayer on a single computer sharing a mouse. It’s turn based and there is no time limit to make your moves. I find it more enjoyable this way anyway.

Space Hulk Ascension played on normal difficulty  is not an easy game. I have teams die all the time. Once dead a character and his experience is lost to be replaced with a level 1 know nothing. You also have to play on normal difficulty to score any achievements on steam.  A space marine is a bad ass even without leveling his skills. However it stinks to loose any advancement so be very careful on your turns.

Space Hulk Ascension has an incredible feel to it. You can almost feel the dread of launching an experienced team into a new mission you have not played, knowing your going to loose somebody and maybe everyone. The sound and graphics only add to the atmosphere. Shaky shoulder cams with sketchy connections and a sound track that makes you feel like your in a space hulk. I think its a good combination.

The one fault I have found is you can move your space marines by mistake if your not careful. The designers have also removed the undo button in Space Hulk. The genestralers don’t take prisoners either. I have lost entire teams this way. Once one team member goes down it’s not hard to loose more.

Space Hulk Ascension is not an easy game by any means. Playing on normal is required to unlock achievements. I almost never play games on easy, the only exception is for learning a game.

My opinion on Space Hulk Ascension is it’s good enough to recommend a purchase. It’s very atmospheric, turned based, lengthy, and you know it won’t be another cake walk. I have included a lets play by uploaded to youtube by SplatterCatGaming to give you a feel for the game.

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Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Trailer

Batman Arkham Knight trailer is out. Looks like Scarecrow is back causing some trouble. I have finished the other batman titles in this series so I expect I will play this one also someday.

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